Motive Power Battery Solutions

Major problems in traditional motive power

1 High expenditures

Most of the non-road vehicle industry are powered by lead-acid
batteries. Lead-acid batteries are charged slowly and usually
need to be equipped with spare batteries, which increases the
operating cost of enterprises. 

2 Frequent maintenance

Another big disadvantage of lead-acid battery is that it needs
daily maintenance. The batteries contain water, have the risks
of gas blowoff or acid corrosions, and require periodic water
top-offs, so costs for the man-hours and materials are very high.

3 Difficult charging

The lead acid batteries’ charging time is slow, generally
requiring 6-8 hours, which greatly affects the operation
efficiency. A charging room or a separated space is needed for
lead-acid batteries.

4 Potential pollution and safety risks

Lead acid batteries are easy to formulate acid fog when
working, which will affect the environment and human health.
There are some safety risks in battery swapping, too.


What’s the motive power
battery solution from RoyPow?

RoyPow’s power battery solutions provide safe, eco-friendly and robust power series to fit low-speed non-road vehicles for regular usage, such as golf carts, tour buses, as well as yachts and boats. We have accumulated rich experience in providing one-stop solutions for different industries to improve the efficiency and create value.

A better choice for motive power
solutions – LiFePO4 batteries

They are particularly suited for the use with LiFePO4 batteries.


Extended lifespan

By helping to extend battery lifespans, investors will see improved revenues and returns.


High energy density

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have the advantages of high specific energy, light weight and long cycle life.


All-round protection

With highly thermal and chemical stability, the intelligent batteries have the functions of over-charge, over-current, short-circuit and temperature protection of every battery.


Good reasons to choose RoyPow’s motive power solutions


Cost effective

High efficiency




Intelligent BMS

RoyPow, Your Trusted Partner


Unmatched expertise

With more than 20 years of combined experience in renewable energy and battery systems, RoyPow provides lithium-ion batteries and energy solutions covering all living and working situations.



Automotive-grade manufacturing

Committed to deliver high-quality products, our engineering core team works hard with our manufacturing facilities and outstanding R&D capability to ensure our products meet the industry’s quality and safety standards.



Worldwide coverage

RoyPow sets up regional offices, operating agencies, technical R&D center, and manufacturing base service network at multiple countries and key regions to consolidate global sales and service system.



Hassle-free after-sales service

We have branches in the US, Europe, Japan, the UK, Australia, South Africa, etc. and strived to unfold completely in globalization layout. Therefore, RoyPow is able to offer fast-response and thoughtful after-sales service.