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Enterprise Certification

National high-tech enterprise.


Global leader in Li-ion replacing lead-acid field.


Founded RoyPow (Huizhou) in Nov. 2016.

Key Business

Power energy solutions and energy storage solutions.

About RoyPow 2

Why RoyPow?

Global leading brand
RoyPow is founded in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China, with manufacturing center in China and subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, Japan, the UK, Australia, and South Africa, etc.

We specialized in the P&D and manufacturing of lithium replacements for lead-acid batteries for years, and we are becoming global leader in li-ion replacing lead-acid field.

Dedicated on lithium batteries
We have been dedicated on lithium-ion batteries for decades.

With professional R&D team in the field, we have comprehensive independent R&D capacity in system design, structural design, BMS independent R&D, charger independent R&D, software R&D, thermal control, automation and modules, etc.

Automotive grade batteries manufacturing system and QC system, enable us to build world-renowned li-ion battery brand and provide better solutions to our customers.

Corporate Culture

Corporate vision

To be the global leader in lithium replacements for lead-acid batteries.

Corporate Mission

To help build a convenient and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Corporate Values

Innovation · Focus ·
Strive · Cooperation.

Quality Policy

Quality is the foundation of Roypow as well as the only reason for us to be picked.

Corporate Capabilities

RoyPow has been committed to innovating and developing technologies.
We have professional research and development teams in the segmentation
——BMS, Charger, Software, etc.



R&D test centers

R&D test centers



10+ Years Lithium-ion Batteries Dedication


BMS design

PACK design

System design

Inverter design

Software design

Industrial design







Electronic circuit

Thermal managemen

Battery Charger R&D